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Winter and The Loss of the "Can-do" Attitude

Tuesday December 21, 2010

Do you think we lose the “can do” attitude during these cruel, cold   winter months?  I certainly think I need a good kick up the backside to get started in the mornings. Yes, we can ride on the giddy wave of Christmas cheer for a good couple of weeks but then what … a long cold slog until the darling buds appear through the frozen earth. Oh goodness, I seem full of doom but it’s really hard to get the motor   going when the world is doing its best to freeze all the cogs, mine included – and where’s the antifreeze when you need it?

How do we inject some fuel and revive ourselves?  Familiarity in the everyday and working within a comfort zone helps warm the cockles on a cold day. At work, the process of helping our clients fulfill media schedules for their international advertising campaigns gives us a raison d’être during the cold months. As we deal with the   advertising production process and then package materials destined for publications and outdoor postings in the islands of the Indian Ocean or in the environs of the Sydney Opera House, we imagine those advertisements appearing in whichever warm, sun-kissed media they are destined for and feel the sun beating down on them. Oh how we wish to glide into the bubble wrap and transport ourselves into warmer climes.

For those people who gain no comfort from stepping into the unknown world of international versioning, adaptation and implementation and feel icicles crawling up their back   at the thought of it, there’s a simple solution. Delegate the unfamiliar to those people who gain warmth from the tasks you dread since they’re   specialists. It’s what they do. And you may find that they do it with more speed and efficiency than you could dream of – and you may even save a penny or ten whilst you sit back and defrost.

Winter isn’t a time to make radical changes with the decision-making process affected by the temperature (not to mention Christmas party ‘medicine’) – but decisions which make your life easier aren’t really hard ones to make, are they?


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