Where can you find "Refreshing" these days? | ICP

Where can you find "Refreshing" these days?

Wednesday February 9, 2011

I spotted a recruitment ad that energy supplier Ovo ran in Marketing Week last week.  It engaged me, not because I was hunting for a new job, but because it was fresh and interesting and more importantly, positioned Ovo as the kind of company you would want to work for and actually enjoy getting up early in the morning for. A recruitment ad with the power of a good corporate ad.

Ovo’s fresh and uplifting approach to recruiting some pretty senior positions led me to their website and the first thing that caught my eye was the following passage about the company and their creator, who was an ‘energy-business virgin’:

“Like most good ideas, Ovo was created to solve a problem.
Our founder, Stephen Fitzpatrick, was so fed up dealing with large energy companies with complicated, expensive and confusing tariffs he decided to start his own.
In Stephen’s words: “I just couldn’t understand why the energy business was so complex and service so poor. Everyone kept telling me it wouldn’t be possible for someone outside of the industry to come in and make energy cheaper, greener and simpler. I’m very pleased to have proved them wrong!”
It’s because Stephen was thinking like a customer that the business is built around the idea of making your life as simple as possible. That’s what makes dealing with us so much easier… and nicer”

It’s very readable – and very refreshing. Ovo’s USP is evident – this is a company set up by a disgruntled customer who wants to literally shake up a business category which has lost sight of Customer Service – and become boring and uninspiring, with no obvious differentiator to offer customers an alternative. Essentially Ovo are picking up the baton which Virgin sadly dropped some years ago….

At ICP we pioneered the category of advertising production de-coupling and International campaign production because advertisers were not getting their campaigns distributed across the globe with any due diligence or duty of care and there wasn’t a company around that did what we did.  Like Ovo, we didn’t start with any preconception of how things are ‘normally’ done. Just a vision on how things ‘should’ be done.

So, like Ovo, we created something to solve a problem.  And in the process gave the customer what they wanted then and continue to enjoy now, which is excellent service, a great product and a good price.

And on that note, we wish Stephen and his team at Ovo much success in 2011 and beyond.


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