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The Curse of the TLA

Tuesday June 21, 2011

Growth is important. And these days growth goes hand in hand with networking. Which means prospecting and arranging as many meetings as   possible, some of which are, of course, more fruitful than others.

And in our business (and, I suspect, in most businesses these days), a   new phenomenon has started to creep insidiously into every meeting or conference call. It’s called the TLA. Once you’re sensitized to the   existence of TLA’s, you can’t help but notice that they’ve become part of the business language. And recently, we had a conference call where TLA’s seemed to dominate almost every exchange.

Let me explain. TLA stands for Three Letter Acronym. Now I’ve drawn your attention to the TLA, each of you could probably jot at least a dozen immediately. And at its worst, TLA’s make for a pretty   incomprehensible meeting. Luckily, we’d had the foresight to bring a few spare computers into the GCC (Group Conference Call) room so, whilst the conversation continued, some of us were frantically Googling the influx of TLA’s and triumphantly holding up the translations on pieces of paper so we could respond intelligently.

I won’t bore you with a list of the TLA’s bandied about that day. But we quickly realized that to rail against the TLA is futile. In today’s business world, there’s an unwritten TLA dictionary that’s probably bigger than the Concise Oxford.

Which brings me to the point. ICP. It’s said that we’re one of the world’s best international campaign Production and Implementation agencies. I think our clients would testify to that.

But aren’t we also a TLA? And, given that we’ve just opened an office in New York, what about ICP USA? Is that a double TLA? Or, worse still, an SLA (‘S’ for ‘Six’…) with a space in the middle?

No matter. We’re not about to fall into that trap. So our new office is called ICP Worldwide. Headed up by the lovely Christine Lanziano – the nicest New Yorker you’re ever likely to meet.

And we’re open for business. So if you want to do business in an SLA-free zone, feel free to get in touch


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