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Enterprise DAM needs people. No brainer.

Tuesday December 16, 2014

Technology Needs People

Two articles in the past week identify the continued (and growing) need for people (services) to be wrapped around enterprise technologies.

DAM LibrariansDAM

For DAM solutions, there has always been the need for people to manage their content. This has often been a tricky topic for the vendors to bring up in their RFI response as cuts against the message of an intuitive user experience… Today, DAM customers are aware of the need for a ‘librarian’ (a misleading descriptor for Enterprise DAM implementations – more on this later..) however the full extent of change management and content support required, if you want to make enterprise software get adopted by the marketing function, is still somewhat unclear. It is fantastic to see Gartner breaking cover and naming this unspoken connection, in terms of the tension between constant disruption of enterprise technologies and the people to bridge the inevitable gaps this creates.

Thanks to @martykihn and @DigitalArchivst for the insight.  


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