Happy silver anniversary Clara! | ICP

Happy silver anniversary Clara!

Thursday July 10, 2014

I remember the day well, July 10th 1989. I had been working at ICP for the past year and was moving on to a new role in Paris – at that time ICP consisted of two people, Adrian Smith our Chairman and myself. I rang my former college, Mid Kent in Maidstone and asked if they could recommend any candidates fresh from college and keen to enter the work place to take over my role. They suggested a young lady called Clara Boffa who spoke both fluent Italian and French. She arrived for her interview and poked her head around the basement door. I took Clara out for lunch in our local restaurant in Marylebone, Chez Suze, if I remember correctly and her long journey at ICP began that day. She was and is the perfect candidate - with her fantastic organisational skills, attention to detail (which is so essential in our business) and her ability to get on with everyone!

Clara started working at ICP on Adrian’s birthday 25 years ago today and hit the ground running with the help of my huge handover list. 25 years on, Clara is still here and has managed the Estée Lauder work we do for the duration of that period. Her work ethic is second to none and she is valued by every member of the team, both within ICP and by our clients.

Here are some quotes from very satisfied clients.

-          Thanks, Clara, you are always so helpful and accommodating.


-           I just want to thank you for all your prompt help and support.


-           You’re the best!


-          Clara – I love how efficient and perceptive you are!


-          Clara is truly an asset and has been wonderful to work with.

  Happy silver anniversary Clara!


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