Get to Know The Real ICP

Get to Know The Real ICP

Tuesday February 24, 2015

Hello, and welcome to our new blog series.

Given we are in the business of global asset management and production versioning, we believe 2015 will be an exciting year for ICP. So, we want to share our business hopes, ambitions and desires with everyone who visits us at our address here.

No blatant chest thumping and sales pitches, (well maybe some of that, but done in the best possible taste!) just honest conversations.

I was keen for everyone who visits us to both see and read about the real ICP and the people who make our business what it is. Blogging seems the obvious way to have these conversations with you. However, I am acutely aware there is a wrong way and a right way.

Research tells us that most corporate blogs are dull, drab, unimaginative and do not stimulate discussions. This is clearly demonstrated by my first attempt at a blog. However, research equally tells you that your people make the best company bloggers. And it’s OK for them to be irreverent, humorous and going off piste is fine too. They don’t have to fixate on their role.

Blogging Strategy

Another piece of sage consultancy advice was that as a CEO, you shouldn't be re-writing every article. Get in the habit of agreeing topics and then letting your team run with it. Your results are going to improve dramatically when you get out of the way.

I asked some of our people to have a go. The results have been a joy to read. We are lucky to have such a diverse group of nationalities across global offices and partnerships to share their thoughts and insights. Hopefully they will continue to share more in the following months and engage with you in two-way conversations.

John Stuart, CEO



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