Ecommerce Training In India

Ecommerce Training In India

Monday June 20, 2016

A quick piece of news from our never ending expansion

One of our Change Managers, Tom Barrett, was over in India last week training the Unilever team on how to optimise their DAM system for Ecommerce use.

From Tom:
"I was over there as part of Ecomm Training for India. Aniruddha and Bhavesh from our Indian hub were on hand to help out too.After the training I went back to their office to meet the rest of the team, who were very welcoming! I also had lunch with some of the management team and we had a rickshaw race back to the office! Very hot there, but a successful trip. I look forward to returning in September for full UAT."

That's all from Tom for now, but we wish him all the best on his next journey!


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