By Martin Handyside –

Seminar in Ghent

Last week I went to the ADAM Sync! seminar in Ghent. I’ve never been to Ghent before. I went from London by Eurostar arriving late Tuesday evening. What a pleasurable journey; two and a half hours of uninterrupted armchair comfort and a meal thrown in. Followed by more pleasure, a day at ADAM.

An introduction to ADAM

ADAM develop media intelligent software for marketing/media creation, management and distribution. “Our software delivers automation and optimization of these processes, which means faster cycle times, more consistent quality and branding, and high ROI”; says their website.

The day was introduced by Pieter Caseneuf, CEO and Otto De Graff, SVP Products & Solutions. They set out the brief history of the three waves of DAM evolution starting around 1995 with assets, graphic complexity and meta tagging. The second wave arrived around 2005, combining and engaging this complexity across multiple departments. Wave three starting in recent years which is driven by a customer experience focus. Farewell library, hello hub – connected to front-end and back-end technology. Delivered through ADAM’s ‘SMART Content Hub’.

We were given a live demo of a product asset utilised across every conceivable touch point in a marketing communications campaign in a very short space of time.

Keynote speakers

Anjali Yakkundi of Forrester gave a very insightful view of the massive numbers involved with asset downloads, etc, all derived from her research. Also Digi natives – 2 years olds easily and happily engaging with swiping iPads while not being able to turn a printed page adequately! And suggesting everyone’s a publisher, we’re all delivering content.

Tim Walters from the Digital Clarity Group had some very insightful research on the subject, summarised by: failure to provide outstanding customer experiences will lead to irrelevance and business decline. He quoted Mike Aruz – “As the industrial revolution was defined by radical efficiency in production, the digital revolution is defined by radical efficiency in information transmission”.

This was followed by Rik Vera from Nexxworks expanding the previous views by highlighting that anyone younger than 15 often didn’t know who Charlie Chaplin was and those older than 15 often don’t know who Felix Kjellberg is. This is his website – PewDiePie – voice of the people 36mil followers. The day was rounded off with my first visit to Ghent city centre to see the beautiful buildings surrounded by water albeit in darkness. I was also able to enjoy some Belgium beers (10%ALC!) with my new found friends who attended the seminar. A very informative trip in every way. Thank you ADAM. – See more at:


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