By Inges Gregorio

Single vs V’s Day

As a single lady, it is torture planning things to do on V’s day, or even during the V’s day weekend. Friends are busy, exs are busy, exs-exs are busy and the search for someone to keep you company, with the right “skills”, “metadata” and “keywords” to be a companion can be exhausting! At the moment, I focused on the good things I have in my life and I cannot think of anything else but my job! I recently joined a company called ICP, in central London (my favourite, but also tiring city) as a BDM (Business Development Manager) and my job is to help them to sell their services to support DAM (Digital Asset Management) platforms. Before I started here, I didn’t really understand what DAM was and the importance of it for advertisers.

DAM(N) Job

A DAM platform is a digital repository where advertisers store all their assets, so that they can be accessible to everyone across their global markets. By assets I mean pictures, videos and everything that is used for advertising. The main users of this these platforms are agencies (all kinds: creative, creative digital, social media, production, etc.), internal users (marketing people who want to run campaigns to promote their products) and external users (distributors/retailers). The main objectives are to deliver and share correct and up-to-date assets, in order to maintain brand consistency and usage rights management across global markets. This objective has a big process behind it! To convince people to use the platform (user adoption), there are a lot of topics to think about; file naming conventions, keywords, taxonomies, metadata, usage rights, archive policies, user journeys, etc. Every detail counts to help get the right asset to come up when a user needs it and searches for it. ICP do all of this for small and large companies. We have the attention to detail that is necessary for accurate keywords and metadata, something a creative marketer wouldn’t be able to find the time to do accurately, and why should they? It’s certainly not why they chose to be a marketer!

DAM for V’s Day

When talking to my colleague about V’s day and the search for the right person, we thought of a particular DAM platform in an instant. This platform is called Tinder (it’s an app – I’m sure you know it) and it is really a very simple DAMN solution for my V’s day (maybe not this year!). It has loads of “assets” available; I can filter my search by age, sex and distance and I can also find a brief description (taxonomy) of every asset along with some pictures. After the research, I just swipe left (for the bad assets) or right (for the correct assets). I may have just solved my V’s day problem! Solved or not, at this point I realise that my life is filled with Digital Assets and I have to manage them all the time – at work and in my personal life. It’s the same for everyone isn’t it? Let’s all buy a DAM…..

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