By James Talbott – 

As ICP expands globally, we need to train our international teams.

In October we were lucky enough to train one of the Mumbai team. Aniruddha landed in London on Sunday the 25th October to begin his training as the Global Librarian lead for our Mumbai branch. Having never been to the UK, Aniruddha arrived with great excitement and willingness to learn as he went through a crash course on the end-to-end workflow on how Unilever runs its DAM platform – from Quality Assurance, Incident Management, Specialist Support and most importantly Brand Engagement.

Outside of training, Aniruddha was involved in many out of work activities, including trying most of Great Portland Streets’ local delicacies and the ICP Halloween party. He and the Unilever team also recently went sightseeing in London; admiring the inside of St. Pauls Cathedral, walking along the South Bank, hitting the London Eye and trying his first traditional Sunday Roast – a British classic.

From Aniruddha: “My visit to the ICP offices has been a very enriching experience! I had the opportunity to interact with the Unilever team and was able to get insight into the role of a Global Librarian. The two week training program was primarily focused on the daily operations and activities of the Unilever team. I also received fantastic support from the entire Unilever team throughout the training process. This training will definitely help me action the transition of the Migration Team into the Global Librarian roles.

Outside of training with ICP, I spent an entire weekend exploring London. The most memorable moment was my visit to the Lord’s cricket ground and museum. I am thankful to the members of the Unilever team who sacrificed their Sunday to take me sightseeing. I really enjoyed the weather and the food and had the opportunity to sample Fish and Chips, English breakfast and Sunday Roast!”

From this, Aniruddha will help ICP thrive not only as a great company, but also to help increase ICP’s global footprint. We wish Aniruddha all the best on his return to Mumbai. Aniruddha…It’s been an absolute pleasure!

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