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We specialise in Advertising Production and management of digital assets for leading brands. Since 1988, we have been working tirelessly to streamline the effective delivery of our clients messages globally.

Creatively aware, financially independent and channel neutral, our approach maintains brand integrity and controls costs while increasing impact and engagement.

Our Focus

We’re all about creating the solution that best delivers your brand to the audiences that matter. And like any other business responsible for managing a budget, it’s why our solutions are not only creatively effective and brand consistent, they’re money well spent.

Unusually in our market, we’re independently owned and not part of any network. Which means we’re only answerable to you. That’s why our relationships are close, valued and long-term.

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‘ To ‘Team Possible’ – thanks for pulling off every impossible task we ask of you! You guys are the best! ’
Calvin Klein
‘ The reason that we require everyone to work through ICP is to ensure consistency in our advertising standards globally ’
Ace Insurance
‘ ICP have always been brilliant to work with. No challenge is too great, no timeline too short. We look forward to continuing to do great work together! ’
‘ They have incredible attention to detail so as to maintain their high quality standards and are truly experts in the area of production. ’
Jose Cuervo

Are you Marketing?


Usually the issues here are preserving creative integrity and intentions while keeping the brand furniture organised. Much of this is about clarity around campaign objectives and how they fit with the brand’s broader objectives. Clarity which in itself guides how, when and where to use the brand’s assets...Read More >

Are you IT?


Plenty has been written about the CMO and CIO roles converging and marketing’s growing involvement with technology. We don’t need to repeat it but we can tell you these clever people are right on this one. We work on enterprise MarTech projects where IT’s involvement and rigour are central to being able to deliver...Read more >

Are you Legal?


The more territories and channel options you’re able to explore with your brands, the more implications, rights and permissions we need to handle. We have lots of experience of policing rights across TV, digital, OOH, social etc. See our Diageo case study to see how this can be done on a global basis. But, from a single press ad to an extensive social media campaign we see the need to be managed...Read more >

Are you Procurement?


Choice always comes with costs. But they don’t simply grow, they become more diverse as spend fractures between content creation and the technology that delivers it. Given that, every buying decision is key. Which is why our long experience of content and process delivery makes us...Read More >







Proven Approach

We began in advertising production 27 years ago, moving into marketing technology as the global demands of brand owners grew in scope and sophistication.


We are experts in our field and are passionate about delivering balanced solutions.


We work with suppliers and creative agencies and adhere to processes that are - thanks to our eye for detail - lean and efficient without cutting corners. Which is why what we do is on budget, on time and good business sense.

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