Advertising Production

Johnnie Walker Black

Johnnie Walker

Brief background to creative opportunity

Anomaly in New York created a 90 sec commercial along with a 30sec cut-down.  We were requested by Diageo to see whether a 20sec version (favoured in WE) was a possibility.  

Role ICP took in creative development

We edited a 20sec, re-mixing the audio to fit picture, ensuring that when removing footage the story was kept as intact as possible and the branding as strong as in the 30sec.  We were also challenged with legal clearance in Belgium and Netherlands, the idea of a couple throwing oil all over a roo and a car and the setting the place alight, whilst enjoying a glass of JW might not promote responsible drinking! We removed the infringing footage to get clearance.

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What we produced

We produced (x2) 20sec TVC’s for NL, one standard and one promotional, adapted a 30sec a TVC and created a 20sec cut-down for Greece. Belgium ran with a 20sec TVC which we also adapted.

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