Advertising Production

What is Decoupling?


The decoupling debate first hit the headlines some years ago as a response to an increasing scrutiny of processes and services by procurement professionals within global brands. This scrutiny was heavily if not entirely focused on their incumbent agency partners who until this time had enjoyed the benefits (and the margins!) related to providing services such as media and production buying. 

Brands started to look at alternatives and those that didn't bring these services in-house looked outside to potential partners who could provide these services on their behalf. Leaving the strategic and creative ideation to their existing agencies and 'decoupling' implementation elsewhere.

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Decoupling, in advertising production, occurs when services that were previously subcontracted by advertising agencies are purchased directly from supplies; it is part of the unbundling of the services previously provided by traditional full service advertising agencies or managed directly by dedicated team within a brand. Click the download button below to see if decoupling is right for you. 

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‘ ICP have been able to show a saving of 50% following the implementation of a successful decoupling process with one of our key clients in EMEA. ’