Pimm’s: Cider Cup

Creative Opportunity

Diageo’s Pimm’s Cider was launched Summer 2015 as a brand new product. ICP proactively developed assets and content for digital OOH.

Our Creative Role

ICP took the master print execution and animated the creative. The animation concepts came from ICP showing the Pimm’s team what could potentially be done. Both 2D and 3D animation was applied along with liquid animation for the splash.

Our Creative Role

  • Online & Social
  • Creative Development
  • Editing, VFX & CGI

What We Produced

Animated material for portrait & landscape digital LEDs in spec to fulfil the media plan and take advantage of the growing Digital OOH trend.  Due to the success of the creative treatment by ICP, the digital video has been featured in Diageo HQ, Facebook and across various sites in GB.

Campaign Work


ICP have always been brilliant to work with. No challenge is too great, no timeline too short. We look forward to continuing to do great work together!”


Other Client Work