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Print and Press

Press still represents a significant proportion of our clients’ advertising activity. Global press production is where ICP started and it’s still at the heart of what we do. In an average year, we’re likely to create and supply digital files in anything up to 45 languages to over 100 countries. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the work we do for Estée Lauder. The vast amount of press production we have undertaken on behalf of this client over many years has led to a closeness and high level of trust, where ICP can justifiably be described as a global partner. Quality controlling every aspect of the final delivery. 

All too often, collateral materials for an advertising campaign (such as POP) get shuffled to the back of the pack, behind above-the-line. Not at ICP. We’re only too aware of the increasing importance that clients place on brand presence at the point of purchase. In fact, we’ve noticed an upsurge in this form of activity as more research becomes available, covering the behaviour of consumers in a retail environment and the importance of a strong brand representation in store. This, of course, begins with packaging, followed by display materials that coax consumers towards purchase. As with other channels, clients find that placing the production of packaging and collateral materials with us can lead to significant cost reductions and more efficient release to market.