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Marketing Technology

We are technology agnostic in digital asset management. So, while we don’t sell software, we will work with your organisation's existing platforms. Our clients appreciate this approach because we can maximise their existing investments.

Importantly, for clients and partners, our marketing technology services span two areas: Consultancy and Managed Services.

Are you thinking about implementing a DAM?

Could my DAM work harder?

Consultancy Products


It’s always interesting to know what your peers are up to. Let ICP play the ‘mystery shopper’ and deliver insights on how your platforms match up to the rest of the market. As ever with ICP, we give you practical advice on where to improve against your peers and competitors.

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Do you know how many instances of DAM you have already paid for? In a global brand, we recently found 142 before we stopped counting. Let us do the detective work for you. Once we have the list, we will show you which ones could be expanded and also which ones should be reviewed further. No RFP's, no problems.

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What is ‘enterprise’ technology anyway? According to our gurus, it means large-scale platforms reaching across business functions. Work with us to find out how you could maximise the reach and ROI of your current platforms beyond the problem they are currently fixing. 

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Managed Services

We have 10 years of pioneering work with our digital asset management clients. Constantly assessing their changing needs, we are in this for the long term and happy to provide constant consultancy support for every project, from start to finish. 


Here are the global support functions we provide to make this happen:

• Content Management: Metadata/keywords/taxonomies/content creation
• Rights Management Control: IP/usage rights management at asset/brand level
• Brand Protection: Validation of all uploaded against brand guidelines
• User Management: User access, support, training & feedback collation
• Change Management: Handle requirements, project management & User Acceptance Testing support