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Who Are You?

Our clients have different objectives, resources, brand cultures, investments and market strategies. We have the experience and expertise in putting the right people together to give you the right solution. It means that we can bring a singular focus to each task, each time.

We have different goals and objectives...

How can we all agree on what we need?


We know that usually your issue is preserving creative integrity. Much of this is about your campaigns and how they fit with the brand’s broader objectives.


At ICP we understand the creative process. On a daily basis we are working with marketing teams and their creative agencies.

As marketing and technology converge, we help you to ensure that your content is exactly where your customers want to see it.


Our most successful clients have achieved this by leveraging DAM (one place for all master assets) and de-coupled production partners – freeing up creative agencies to be creative, whilst we undertake the international versioning and distribution of content.

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At ICP we work on enterprise Marketing Technology projects where IT’s involvement and rigour are central to being able to deliver stable, user focused solutions on time and in line with the wider IT infrastructure.

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The more territories and channel options you’re able to explore with your brands, the more implications, rights and permissions we need to handle on your behalf. We have a lot of experience of managing rights across TV, digital, OOH, social etc. 


And, from a single press ad to an extensive social media campaign, we ensure it is well managed and legally correct at all times. Allowing nothing to undermine the integrity of your brand’s offer and good name.

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Given that every buying decision is key, our long standing experience of content and process delivery makes us sharper on all the aspects of cost. To ICP, managing assets means creating one master and adapting it many times. ‘Create less, adapt more’.

We work with you in a totally transparent way. We interrogate every price, every compliance issue and every factor influencing ROI: but never at the cost of quality.

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