How Marketing Technology Supports Digital Transformation

How Marketing Technology Supports Digital Transformation

By Ruth Peters –

Digitisation has provoked a fundamental change…

…in society that is transforming the way businesses work with their customers, their supply chains and their people. Consumers of all ages are gaining familiarity and comfort with a wide range of digital channels and are expecting high standards of digitisation. As a result the world of e-commerce and commerce are now increasingly merged, and everything is omnichannel.

At ICP we are increasingly supporting a digital first approach across global advertising production and Martech. In the global advertising production world that means digital is no longer an add-on and campaigns are being adapted globally across a high number of channels. In the Martech world we are seeing an explosion of digital transformation projects, as meeting the demands and the promise of the new omnichannel landscape is a key priority for brands. The transformation of the Martech landscape is being driven by two key trends: the need to support the massive increase in content across all channels and the need to harness the power of data to help the brand and the consumer connect.

Over the last year alone we have worked on Digital Transformation projects for some the worlds biggest brands in the Drinks, FMCG and Luxury market. At the heart of all of these projects is the need for technology to deliver a seamless and consistent brand experience. Success of these projects is critical to the company’s long-term commercial success. However, by their very nature these projects are complex; they combine a range of enterprise technologies and deliver a set of new capabilities that place high demands on the people using and managing them.

Delivering success of these projects is where ICP excels. Our consultants work at multiple levels: strategic, implementation and operational. We take time to understand brands, business objectives, culture and the end users requirements. We bring to the table a wealth of experience gained in similar projects, are totally dedicated to the projects success and, as such, become an integral and trusted part of your team.