Quick hello from Mumbai

Quick hello from Mumbai

By Victor Lebon – 

Marketing Technology Director

ICP is expanding globally and our Marketing Technology Director is currently in Mumbai. Victor is attending workshops for the Unilever account, meeting our new Unilever Global Librarians, catching up with the existing Unilever migration team and meeting the new SABMiller migration team all in Mumbai, India!

Here are a couple of pictures of the Unilever offices, where I spent most of the week doing workshops for Unilever in Mumbai. And yes! That is a waterfall ‘inside’ of the building! This is a good thing as we are currently in “Winter” in Mumbai, which is 30+ degrees! Contradiction in terms.

I recently went to see the teams at the Ergo offices. We all went out for lunch and it was good to see them in the new offices! We remember when it was ‘under construction’ 🙂

I also fulfilled a bit of a personal dream in by getting to ride a motorbike in Mumbai! 🙂 Someone on the team had one and saw me glancing at it enviously and said “Do you want a go?” Obvious answer really. No wheelies or stunts, but it felt just as challenging when everyone has ‘right of way’ at the same time! Not sure I’ve quite got Mumbai driving down…