Key talking points from Henry Stewart’s Digital Asset Management Panel

By Ruth Peters – 

After visiting the Henry Stewart New York event in May and learning about the DAM landscape in North America, we wanted to bring our top learnings to you from Henry Stewart London.

Predictably, the importance of metadata came up time and time again. Now this is no surprise, as we all know the “rubbish in rubbish out” saying, but this message did have an extra punch this time, as the need for strong interchangeability and APIs has grown and as DAM is now a key pillar in most digital transformation strategies.

In fact, many of the consultants now felt that a strong API had overtaken mobile as the number one requirement for any prospective DAM deployment. There was an overwhelming agreement that forward thinking deployments will be aiming to build a DAM platform that is agile enough to accommodate the inevitable future technical challenges.

Realistic planning around key tasks such as the migration of assets was also a theme. We had some great advice from BBC Worldwide in their case study, where they advised us to:

  • Set initial time expectation on key tasks and then double them, it always takes longer than you think!
  • Expect the landscape to change as you go
  • Be prepared to compromise

Finally, there was an interesting debate on how to implement change and if change was always restrictive. The general opinion was yes change is often restrictive in the first instance, but if you are engaging and communicating effectively at both a strategic and individual level, people will accept change. Of course it is essential to sell the benefits of change, not just at go live, but also during business as usual.

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