Top 5 Remedies For Your Digital Asset Management Pain Points

Top 5 Remedies For Your Digital Asset Management Pain Points


By Ruth Peters –


When DAM works well, it delivers the promised business benefits of streamlined working, increased asset re-purposing and brand compliance. When it’s not so good, well, it can cause frustration at multiple levels and fail to bring the promised value to your business.

In this blog we outline the top 5 DAM pains we see and also bring best practice advice from ICP’s experienced team of consultants and change managers.


1. Clearly Defined Business Case and ROI Model

Whatever the scale of the DAM project, the basics are essential. The chances are you will have written a business case to get the budget in the first place, but is that business case tracked by regular ROI monitoring and is it understood and bought into by all stakeholder groups, not just at go live but also beyond?

ICP Consultants Top Tip

  • Develop your ROI model before you begin implementation. Then, ensure all of the program stakeholders are measured on the successful ROI/adoption of the solution.
  • One of the most powerful ROI metrics you can have is “Re-purposing of content” (total downloads offset against ‘would have re-purposed anyway’, minus anticipated ‘wastage’). Link the resulting figure to a monetary value (cost of creating new minus adapting from existing), depending on the asset type.

2. Lack of Adequate Governance Structure

It’s true, DAM solutions have progressed enormously from a usability viewpoint but that does not mean that they will run themselves. Your DAM solution needs to be nurtured, cared for and key elements such as; metadata management, QA procedures, stakeholder engagement and change management need to be documented and adhered to. Otherwise, the effectiveness of your solution will be compromised.

ICP Consultants Top Tip

  • Establish a governance group that will go beyond implantation, ongoing into ‘business as usual’. Ensure your business users have a key ‘seat’ at the table to help shape the ongoing strategic direction and evolution of your DAM.

3. Complexity of implementation 

Scope creep is an evil thing. The solution of hope becomes a mess of complexity, as key user requirements and how they are going to deliver value to the company gets lost. Frequently this loss of focus is understandable, as the business gets excited about the potential without being adequately challenged on need, priority and timing.

ICP Consultants Top Tip

  • Cultivate a living, breathing enhancement ‘backlog’, that your governance group can help steer and prioritise. Operate on the best-practice principle of “Think big, start small”.

4. Inability to scale/integrate with wider ecosystem

DAM is no longer in a silo; in many instances, it is now a global solution with multiple integration needs and the expectation of supporting the digital transformation of a company. Integration needs to be supported with best practice advice, as well as fit for purpose technology. In addition, the technology must be agile enough to adapt to ever-changing needs.

ICP Consultants Top Tip

  • Avoid point-to-point integrations wherever possible! As success will only increase the demand, ensure that you develop integrated solutions that can be flexible and scale.

5. Lack of Engagement/User Adoption

The number one symptom of DAM pain is poor user engagement and adoption.  Its root cause needs investigating but frequently we find that the cause is well known but moving from the current scenario when a perception of the DAM solution is already set needs the right support.

ICP Consultants Top Tip

  • Getting the right measure of “carrot” and “stick” can be a tricky proposition. Getting the right support in place, during implementation and during business as usual stages will significantly increase your chances of success. Make sure however that you ‘switch off’ legacy solutions, so that the DAM becomes an integral part of your users’ day-to-day, so that they HAVE to use it to do their jobs.

Of course, there are many more pains and if you would like advice on any of the above or others please do get in touch, we would be happy to provide some no obligation best practice advice to help make your DAM solution a success for your business and its users.


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