ICP becomes sponsor for Henry Stewart Conference programme across DAM and Creative Operations

ICP becomes sponsor for Henry Stewart Conference programme across DAM and Creative Operations

By David Howlett –

ICP has just signed up with Henry Stewart to sponsor a series of events in the Creative Operations and Digital Asset Management space in Europe and USA throughout 2018. We’ve done several events in the DAM area over the last year, and we’ve been able to meet up with many passionate clients who are keen to make their DAM solutions even more efficient, successful and indispensable within their organisations.

Whilst ICP entered the DAM world through our 30 year experience in the world of advertising production, Henry Stewart has come at this from the other direction, and now runs Creative Operations conferences after establishing its very successful programme of events in the DAM space. Dual events are planned across all the US-based locations, and we are delighted to be a lead sponsor at the first European Creative Operations event in London on 7th March 2018.

Creative Operations has come of age as a function that helps brand owners and corporates better manage the whole creative brand building process. Marketing and advertising exists in an era of mass content across myriad channels, resulting in ever more challenging budget management, oversight and brand governance. In the quest for content volume, quality can suffer.

Older models of managing creative agencies globally through existing infrastructures cannot cope with the sheer scale of process and project management that is needed. Crucially, opportunities are missed to repurpose creative content, and money is often wasted creating multiple solutions for the same need. With this comes a further negative – a reduction in brand consistency and effectiveness. ICP’s business proposition is to offer solutions in this wide area thorough our own global advertising production capability, our Martech Managed Services proposition that helps embed DAM as the single source of truth, and, increasingly, by our consulting capability to re-engineer or optimise the process on behalf of our brand owner clients.

You can see the full range of Henry Stewart events here, and the Creative Operations London event here. We will be delighted to see you in London or at any of the future events throughout 2018!

If you quote ICP20 on the London event you will receive a 20% discount, and ICP100 will deliver a $100/£100 discount on DAM New York, Europe and Los Angeles.

Any questions please ask David Howlett, Marketing Director.