A day in the life: My experience as a new employee at ICP

A day in the life: My experience as a new employee at ICP


ICP is a friendly place to be in.  As soon as I stepped foot into the London HQ office, there was a friendly face at every corner.  Along the path to my desk every morning and afternoon, colleagues do not hesitate to greet you as you walk past.  The work culture is very inviting as employees take an active interest and want to get to know you; from where you are from, what you have studied and what my role is at ICP.


As each day goes on, I feel like the culture in the workplace is a very warm and comfortable place to be a part of.  Even though I have I been working here for just over 3 months, it feels as if I have been here longer.


I’ve now broadened by horizons by recently joining the #icpphotoclub, which has enhanced my passion for taking photographs, by exploring the city and checking out new spots at rooftop bars, overlooking the sights and capturing the sunset.


No matter the workload, it’s always an eventful time with ICP.



Amrita Cheema, CMS Content Steward (BioMarin)

Amrita is one of our newest employee’s here at ICP.  She graduated from University of Greenwich in 2011 with a degree in BA Hons Media & Communication.

Previously, worked with various B2C and B2B industries, doing roles in Email, Content and Digital Marketing & Social Media.

She loves fashion, social media, enjoys dining out and is your general tour guide for all the best quirky bars.

ICP photography club

ICP photography club

At ICP, we love to get together for a variety of social reasons, such as park hangouts, pub lunches, and after work drinks.

On this occasion, ICP’s London office put together an exciting event for photography lovers to practise their photography skills in an open space, exploring the surroundings and nature, capturing the sunset and seeing the transition from day to night through their camera lenses – whether that be a DSLR camera or an Apple/Android camera lens.




For this session, we visited a place named CitizenM Hotel and made our way to CloudM bar and then from there, travelled up to the rooftop bar, overlooking the Tower of London and Tower Bridge from different angles, discussing different camera techniques and sharing tips in capturing the perfect image.




These sessions aren’t only for photography lovers, but for anyone who is interested in having a bit of fun, exploring the town and more importantly, another way of us bringing our community together.

We will be holding a lot more of these sessions so stay tuned for other posts and new eye-catching imagery!

Have a look at our other images #icpphotoclub on Instagram.

*all images owned by the #icpphotographyclub*


Rights Management: the five elements of an effective strategy

Rights Management: the five elements of an effective strategy

We all want our rights management processes to be as slick and user-friendly as possible, but we have to stay fully compliant and well-governed.

There’s a tension between two drivers:

  1. Optimisation – making the process as simple and effective as possible
  2. Governance – the act of controlling behaviour

Together, they form the yin and the yang of effective rights management. In ICP’s latest whitepaper we share solutions that prevent these objectives from clashing, and instead make them work to complement each other.

You can download this here for free.

Link to Rights Management – the five elements of an effective strategy

ICP now offers a wider range of training and consulting services alongside our Creative Production and Martech managed services that many of you already know.

World mental health day at ICP

World mental health day at ICP

For World Mental Health Day, ICP had put together a beautiful display of a variety of foods to make for a healthy breakfast!


A few of us gathered around for morning chats while indulging into the healthy spread.








We then finished off the day with two sessions of mindfulness colouring in, which promotes a healthy, stress free mind, improves anxiety, focus and helps with sleep.




World mental health day: This is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma. Remember, it’s ok to not be ok. Take the time to ask someone how they are. A conversation with another person can sometimes be enough to make a difference.

A day in the life: My first Friday at ICP London

A day in the life: My first Friday at ICP London

ICP is all about People

Technology can do a lot in our ever-changing world of marketing, but it’s what people can do with it that makes the difference.  We are proud of all our people in the many different roles they have around the world; proud of the way they contribute to our clients’ success, but equally proud how they contribute to ICP’s culture and the lively office environments in which we spend our time.  We will be adding to ICP’s blog with regular contributions with the theme ‘A day in the life of ICP’ every so often.  Check back into our blog or follow us on your social media of choice; LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



Despite my insides sweating at the thought of meeting everyone, I took my manager up on his offer to join him and head to ICP’s London office at the end of day on my first Friday at the company (I had been working offsite with my team that first week).

When I arrived, I saw lots of people sipping white wine, snapping bread sticks, and smearing some inviting looking hummus onto some inviting looking bread. These are all my favourite things so for a second, I must admit, I did think that this was my surprise “welcome” party. I’m still a little disappointed that the bread sticks weren’t purchased exclusively with me in mind, but what made that better was that I soon found out this happy gathering of people was not just a one off. On the last Friday of every month, as well as the excitement of payday, we also have “E.O.M DRINKS” to look forward to. And it’s not just for the wine connoisseurs and carb loaders. There are always soft drinks and usually a variety of other tasty bar snacks to choose from.

The nerves of meeting everyone in a new environment had dissipated. Quickly I was settled. Everyone was extremely friendly. Although there was lots of snacking and chatting in the bar area, throughout the office there were people still busy working. Yet even these people – whether they were trying to meet some tight deadline or just get things prepared for the following week – all seemed genuinely happy to meet me and took some time out of their busy workloads to speak with me.

Sufficiently bloated from all the blended chickpeas, Mexican beer, and flattering comments I decided to head home. It was a lovely end to a good week. The first day’s nerves will always exist but at ICP they felt like they were worth more. Not just was I welcomed, but after a short amount of time with everybody, I felt a part of ICP.


Luke Hoskisson, Brand Steward, London (Unilever)

Luke has been at ICP for nearly 2 years, working as a Brand Steward for Unilever’s DAM platform in the London office after transitioning from being on the Operations team of the Unilever account.

Luke graduated from King’s College London in 2017 with a BA in English Language. He enjoys climbing things, writing things, and eating things, all the while doing his best to not confuse which is for what.