Incredibly Capable People

We’re a global team of marketing technology and production experts. We believe in adding value every time we create, reuse, manage or deliver assets.

Working in creative production, digital asset management and marketing technology, we’ve built an enviable list of clients because we’re in it for the long haul. We always see things from your perspective and strive to add value at every stage.  We will discuss the brief with you and often challenge some of the assumptions before presenting our solution.

We began in London in 1988. We’re still based in the creative capital (just off Oxford Street) but we’ve expanded a bit since those days.

With offices in New York, Nashville, Atlanta, Toronto, Shanghai, Singapore and Mumbai we offer a unique host of global benefits:

  • Global protection of marketing assets
  • Local expertise with cultural empathy
  • Global project management
  • A unified technology platform
  • 24-hour coverage around the world
  • Offshore and rightshore cost benefits
  • Optimised brand assets

Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

ICP’s Key Global Team

  • Executive Board

    Executive Board

    Our executive is responsible for the strategic direction of the company’s global operations, addressing the challenges and innovations we need to embrace, to succeed in an ever-changing technology led marketing communications landscape.

  • Adrian Smith

    Chairman & Founder

    Adrian Smith

    Adrian worked with John, our CEO, at CDP Advertising before he moved with Charles Saatchi as a founding member of the Saatchi & Saatchi Agency.

    • He further developed his career at a number of blue chip International Agencies in Creative Services & Production Management. He then moved on to the production supply chain market managing a high end production supplier.

    • In 1988, with this expertise gained in International production, Adrian founded ICP as a specialist company focused on the emerging global production delivery market.

    • Adrian continues to have an active role with a number of clients and works closely with John to lead the strategic development of the company’s Global Operations, Partnership Network and the growth of our Marketing Technology Services division.

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  • John Stuart

    Global CEO

    John Stuart

    John joined ICP in 2011 and became CEO in 2013. He began his career as a production manager at CDP, later on the International Board at the time of its acquisition by Dentsu Group. John has experience working across FMCG, Automotive, Financial Services and Government.

    • Upon joining the board of Kendall Tarrant, with a focus on International executive creative assignments, John developed a complementary consultancy division focusing on supply chain process. Later he established his own consultancy practice in advising advertising agencies and brands on best practice in the supply chain management process, delivering ROI.

    • At ICP, John is responsible for extending global operations for clients and prospects and building on existing expertise in the Marketing Technology space.

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  • Victor Lebon


    Victor Lebon

    Over the last 10 years at ICP, Victor has focussed on Creative Operations in Advertising Production and Marketing Technology, leading consultancy and program delivery with client teams covering many of the world’s largest and most loved brands.

    • Victor has worked across a variety of different industry sectors including charitable, telecoms, retail, publishing, life sciences, consumer goods, marketing and advertising.

    • Victor is responsible for all commercial and operational aspects at ICP led out of the EMEA & APAC regions, delivering strategy, value, insights and industry ‘best practice’, ensuring clients are equipped for success.

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  • Christopher Grakal

    North & South America CEO

    Christopher Grakal

    Christopher brings to ICP almost 20 years of experience at Warner Bros. and Turner Broadcasting, where he was the executive in charge of developing Turner’s enterprise-wide Creative Production, Digital Asset Management, and Content Distribution systems, meeting senior management, creative, IT, digital, marketing, PR, and social media objectives.

    • Christopher has a track record of building technology-forward systems and organizations that result in operating efficiencies, innovation in the creative production process, maximize the value of content, marketing, publicity and sales assets.

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  • Andrew Johnston

    Financial Director

    Andrew Johnston

    Andrew has been the Finance Director of ICP since 1996.

    • Andrew's single observation about life at ICP is that each and every day he sees a company full of highly committed people in an unbelievably competitive sector.

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  • Operations Management Board

    Operations Management Board

    Working seamlessly with the executive, our management board are responsible for ICP’s global operations on a day to day basis both across our creative production and marketing technology services.

  • Martin Handyside

    Operations Director

    Martin Handyside

    Martin spent the first half of his career in operational roles in advertising agencies.

    • He then set up a business providing process consultancy and virtual marketing teams.

    • One of these projects involved being seconded to Hyundai Cars European HQ in Frankfurt for two years to set up the in house communications business.

    • He returned and joined ICP to help the business transition to the next stage of its growth.

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  • David Howlett

    Marketing Director

    David Howlett

    David joined ICP in 2017 as Marketing Director with responsibility for all communications activity and leading on new business initiatives. David is enthusiastic about the opportunities for ICP to build on its rich heritage in the advertising industry to offer global brand owners the services that unlock measurable success in the multi-channel marketing environment. The challenge to manage this effectively and globally with brand consistency is real, and David looks forward to harnessing the talents of our Incredibly Talented People to produce some exciting thought-leadership in this area for our growing community of clients.

    • David studied languages at university before embarking on a career covering all aspects of sales and marketing in many business-to-business environments.

    • He’s worked in many market sectors including sales promotion, the packaging industry, FMCG, automotive, management consulting and market research to name a few.

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  • Clara Boffa

    Global Project Director

    Clara Boffa

    Clara has worked for ICP since 1989, watching it evolve and contributing to its growth and success.

    • Primarily responsible for Estée Lauder advertising for over 20 years, her days are spent liaising with global markets, solving problems and getting the job done with no two days ever being the same!

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  • Dominic Hughes

    Technical Director

    Dominic Hughes

    Dom has over 30 years of industry experience in above the line advertising, starting at Tapestry Colour back in the 1980’s, doing pack shot photography, photo composition and scanning, later developing skills in colour, retouching and systems management.

    • Dom joined ICP in 1999 to set up and run the Production Studio. His role as Technical Director includes responsibility for all areas of technical Production, systems, workflows, networking, digital asset management and internal team and client support.

    • This includes working with the clients studios to standardise proofing between sites to increase efficiencies and reduce cost, also scoping out requirements for the development of the asset library and online campaign management system.

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  • Yvonne Powles

    Head of TV & Digital

    Yvonne Powles

    Yvonne has been with ICP for over ten years. She leads a great team of project managers, servicing all the TV and Digital needs for ICP.

    • Yvonne spends her days overseeing the running of campaigns to multiple markets, making sure TV & Digital ads are adapted and supplied worldwide.

    • When Yvonne isn't at work, she enjoys spending time with her son and the rest of her family.

    • She is also prone to enjoying a bit of karaoke and dancing.

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  • Bob Cleavely

    Business Director, Avon Account

    Bob Cleavely

    Bob started life as a Buyer and moved into Packaging some 25 years ago.

    • Since joining ICP in 2000, he has worked on various areas of TV and print but primarily involved in the Avon Cosmetics European Packaging account, where he has assisted in introducing and establishing the workflow and library systems in use across all Avon’s approval and final artwork process.

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  • Inci Kesimgil

    Business Director, Unilever Account

    Inci Kesimgil

    Over the past seventeen years, Inci has lived and worked in many countries with both global and specific in-market experience in London, Paris, and Istanbul, and across a number of sectors including Financial Services, Fashion & Beauty, Retail, Automotive, FMCG and Pharmaceutical, and has previously worked for a number of major global network agency groups.

    • She has considerable experience in managing large teams and leading communications & engagement in advertising, marketing and public relations.

    • As Business Director, she is responsible for all operational & commercial activities for Unilever at ICP, including managing a number of teams across 4 different countries.

    • Inci is passionate about cars & Formula 1, dancing, fashion and sailing

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Our Global Network

ICP is proud to occupy a unique position in the Marketing & Advertising world, always working with a “people first” strategy to help technology deliver results for our global, brand owner clients – whether as consultants, programme managers or as a production delivery team.

We are “vendor agnostic”, supporting our clients’ choice of marketing technology, and providing the best advice & support aligned to the business needs and measures of ‘success’. We have been delighted to work alongside many great partners over thirty years.  We are not part of any reseller programmes with any of these companies.

Cadran Services Limited trading as ICP - Acceditation_Marque_ISO_9001

ICP became certified to ISO9001 in 2016.

CADRAN SERVICES LIMITED. Registered in England. Registered Office: 180 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5QZ, registered number 02173193.