A day in the life: The ICP Rotterdam team

A day in the life: The ICP Rotterdam team


Many things make us unique here in Rotterdam. Our hub is small, but our motivation is great, and this is something you can feel here in our tiny office.

You will find our office building in the heart of the city, near many shopping streets and perfect lunch spots – everything you need is just around the corner. Even the Unilever office, where the Brand Stewards team operates, is within a walking distance.

The hub might be small, but we do believe that our contribution to ICP matters! We work here with only two teams, Global Librarians and Brand Stewards, and only two of us work in the office daily! However, each Friday is a day to catch up – the Brand Stewards team joins us in our ICP office to share insights, spend some time together and, of course, eat a tasty lunch. This effort we make to keep in touch and support each other is what makes us a powerful team. Good teamwork makes a difference!

The ICP hub in Rotterdam is different in every way, but we do our best to prove that we can create a valuable extension of the ICP London here, in the Netherlands. And even being in a different country, with a different daily routine and different habits, we still feel a part of the ICP family!

Want to drop by while visiting the Netherlands? We will welcome you with a delicious cup of tea! But follow our advice – a bike, raincoat, and a good umbrella are Dutch essentials! (And yes, Dutch cheese is amazing).



 Samantha Possamai Pistor, Global Librarian

Former Brazilian Lawyer who decided that life was too short to deal with Judges and Courts and decide start a new career in the amazing world of Digital Marketing. Loves to eat, to do Masters courses, play chess and to write about reality shows in her not so always free time.



Patrycja Szalaty, Global Librarian

I’ve been working as a Global Librarian in ICP for almost five months. I am part of the Operations team supporting Unilever in Rotterdam. I finished my Media & Communication studies at the Rotterdam University, specializing in the usage of new media in business communication and digital marketing. I am a travel passionate and I love exploring new places, but after work, you will most often find me on my couch with a good book and a cup of tea.



ICP give back to the community

ICP give back to the community


We here at ICP know the meaning of giving. We give each other guidance and support, and we give our clients our unwavering attention to detail and service at the highest level. So when we decided to give back to our community, it was second nature to our staff.  We divided into two teams; the first team headed out to the Southside Beltline trail, armed with rakes, shovels, and clean up gear.  The other team, armed with paintbrushes and canvases, painted two canvas murals for the Foundation for Hospital Art.


At the end of our inaugural Volunteer Day, everyone wore streaks of dirt or paint, and above all, smiles.  We at ‘icp’ give because it’s in our DNA. When we concentrate our efforts as a team, we make a difference—whether it’s with our clients, our teams, or our community.



A day in the life: My experience as a new employee at ICP

A day in the life: My experience as a new employee at ICP


ICP is a friendly place to be in.  As soon as I stepped foot into the London HQ office, there was a friendly face at every corner.  Along the path to my desk every morning and afternoon, colleagues do not hesitate to greet you as you walk past.  The work culture is very inviting as employees take an active interest and want to get to know you; from where you are from, what you have studied and what my role is at ICP.


As each day goes on, I feel like the culture in the workplace is a very warm and comfortable place to be a part of.  Even though I have I been working here for just over 3 months, it feels as if I have been here longer.


I’ve now broadened by horizons by recently joining the #icpphotoclub, which has enhanced my passion for taking photographs, by exploring the city and checking out new spots at rooftop bars, overlooking the sights and capturing the sunset.


No matter the workload, it’s always an eventful time with ICP.



Amrita Cheema, CMS Content Steward (BioMarin)

Amrita is one of our newest employee’s here at ICP.  She graduated from University of Greenwich in 2011 with a degree in BA Hons Media & Communication.

Previously, worked with various B2C and B2B industries, doing roles in Email, Content and Digital Marketing & Social Media.

She loves fashion, social media, enjoys dining out and is your general tour guide for all the best quirky bars.

ICP photography club

ICP photography club

At ICP, we love to get together for a variety of social reasons, such as park hangouts, pub lunches, and after work drinks.

On this occasion, ICP’s London office put together an exciting event for photography lovers to practise their photography skills in an open space, exploring the surroundings and nature, capturing the sunset and seeing the transition from day to night through their camera lenses – whether that be a DSLR camera or an Apple/Android camera lens.




For this session, we visited a place named CitizenM Hotel and made our way to CloudM bar and then from there, travelled up to the rooftop bar, overlooking the Tower of London and Tower Bridge from different angles, discussing different camera techniques and sharing tips in capturing the perfect image.




These sessions aren’t only for photography lovers, but for anyone who is interested in having a bit of fun, exploring the town and more importantly, another way of us bringing our community together.

We will be holding a lot more of these sessions so stay tuned for other posts and new eye-catching imagery!

Have a look at our other images #icpphotoclub on Instagram.

*all images owned by the #icpphotographyclub*