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We help leading brands save money in creative production. Delivering global advertising across all media, packaging artwork and design.

Why choose ICP?

Meticulous detail, highly efficient project management, excellent creative, advertising production and adaptation work. Just three good reasons why our clients choose us as their Creative Production agency. 

Decouple for quality and value

We pioneered the idea of decoupling creative production in 1988. Separating creative production from a client’s main agency allows them to focus on the creative work and benefit from greater costs savings without any loss of quality.

Watch our short film, Decoupling Demystified, to find out more and see how you could benefit.

Long-term relationships add value too

We’ve never lost a client in nearly 30 years. We put that down to building great relationships. Our teams build trust and are very proactive in innovative ways to solve problems and believe anything is possible! People stay with ICP for years which means clients benefit from working with people who understand their brand inside out.

Decoupling Demystified


Since 1988, we’ve offered a range of production services to clients across many industries, languages, and countries. We’ll work directly with you to have your content adapted for your campaign channels.

We generate ideas quickly and create assets for global campaigns, providing a cost and time efficient alternative to advertising agencies.

We prepare and adapt TV, cinema and other broadcast assets for global distribution, as well as helping our clients minimise costs.

From a complete pack change to CGI, our internal editing and post-production department have the technical and creative expertise.

From voiceovers to versioning, we help our clients with all aspects of audio production. We discover the talent and partner with top studios.

In developed markets, the trend in OOH has been away from paper and vinyl towards digital, in both its static and moving forms.

We manage and produce full-scale global online campaigns consisting of hundreds of unique banners, each with their own specifications.

Press and print still plays a part in many successful global campaigns, great print is where ICP started and it’s still at the heart of what we do.

We apply the same obsessive attention to detail to our Packaging Management as we do to all other channels.

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