We work with in-house and long-standing creative partners to generate new content or extend existing client assets. In this way we ensure clients don’t miss a media opportunity, make sure brands get noticed and our clients get results.

We develop new ideas within our clients’ guidelines and current campaigns. Or extend original campaigns into content for social, TV, OOH, digital or print.

We understand that it doesn’t always make financial sense to go back to your original creative agency. We give clients the flexibility and speed they need, whilst remaining cost effective. In this way we also help our clients optimise last minute opportunities.

We ensure at all times:

  • Bring an expert eye to your design work. Our in-house designers and editors develop ideas and adapt existing assets. They always go the extra mile to help clients make the most of their media space.
  • Work with trusted creative directors. Our long-standing creative partners help us provide a high quality creative design service. We only work with people who have an excellent track record.
  • Manage projects efficiently. Our team keep you up to date so you know your project is running smoothly.

For example:
COTY UK needed a new digital OOH creative for their Marc Jacobs Honey and Dot perfumes. We generated storyboards, then built wireframe 3D bottles. We created portrait and landscape Honey creative along with dual Dot and Honey creative for various sites around the UK. 

If you’d like to know how we can help your brand stand out, call David Howlett on +44 (0) 20 3764 5407 or email him on 

Moving Image

At ICP we understand what’s needed to distribute broadcast assets globally and adapt it for new regions and languages.