Want to change a moving product or need to cut that 90 second ad to 30? Using the latest hardware and software, we help our clients with a range of post-production needs.

Whether it’s a cut down or product change, we work with you to make sure your global campaign protects your brand values and works in every market without having to start your campaign from scratch.

As part of our service we work with Broadcasters, DOOH sites, cinemas and digital platforms to make sure our clients get the best results.

To meet our clients post-production needs we:

  • Provide a range of services. We offer colour grading, CGI animation, visual effects and offline editing.
  • Offer expertise. Our team use software including Smoke, Flame, Nuke and After FX to edit moving images. As well as the standard software such as Photoshop for stills.
  • Adapt existing assets. From changing labels to integrating CGI, we can make assets suitable for every market.

For example:
Blossom Hill had certain shots and elements of their creative that could no longer legally be used, including the voiceover and music. To replace the footage we created additional CGI sequences and a new 30 sec TVC along with 20 and 10 sec cut downs.

If you need to adapt, edit or create assets, call David Howlett on +44 (0) 20 3764 5407 or email him on david.howlett@icpnet.com.

Voiceover & Audio

At ICP we totally understand the special capabilities that each genre of voiceover recording requires.