We know that TV is still at the heart of many global ad campaigns. To reduce costs, many brands are choosing to separate TV production from the work of their creative agency.

We help clients prepare and adapt their broadcast assets for new regions and languages. As well as technical expertise, our team brings considerable insight to what’s acceptable in different markets both legally and culturally.

We’ve also built a network of strategic distribution partners to help us deliver your TV and cinema ads on time.

To maximise the impact of your broadcast assets our services include:

  • Technical expertise. We can take your existing ad and re-edit, create cut downs, add VFX and CGI for different markets.
  • Translation services. Our foreign language copywriters have experience in creating fluent, lip synched versions of brand campaigns in over 66 languages.
  • Transcreation. We adapt your messages to different regions and languages so the commercials are powerful and culturally appropriate.
  • Versioning. We adapt and version commercials for broadcast TV / Cinema / VOD and online (language / titles / end frame / music / voiceover / talent usage / legal clearances), fulfil to a supplied media schedule and manage distribution and playouts.
  • Rights management. Our highly experienced negotiators will take care of usage rights including all the necessary approval and legal consents.

For example:
Diageo asked us to create a 20-second version of a 90-second Johnnie Walker ad produced in New York. We were able to re-edit, remix and revoice both 20-second and 30-second versions for Belgium, Greece and Netherlands without losing the impact of the original

If you’d like to know how we can help you get the best possible value from your broadcast assets, call David Howlett on +44 (0) 20 3764 5407 or email him on

Editing, VFX & CGI

Our internal editing and post production department are second to none and offer creative development, offline editing, colour grading, CG animation and visual effects.