It can be time-consuming and costly for brands to adapt their campaigns to different platforms. We provide a tangible alternative solution and take masters or existing assets and adapt them to online media.

Working with high-res material, we create master banners, produce online and social content and adapts to all sizes in line with your digital media plans.

We have the capability to manage and produce online campaigns that involve hundreds of unique banners, each with individual specifications and a multitude of social media opportunities.

To help you keep pace with the demands of online advertising we:

  • Adapt work for a range of platforms. We adapt campaigns to suit web, mobile, iOS, Android and digital screens.
  • Provide quick turnaround. We know you have to act fast. Within a few hours we can adapt an asset for social media, post it, tweet it and start earning likes or retweets.
  • Generate new ideas. The throwaway media environment means you need to keep changing, testing and developing. We can quickly generate the quantity of ideas and executions you need.

For example:
Every year Calvin Klein ask us to develop and manage their global digital advertising for CK Jeans. From storyboards and creative assets supplied to us by their in-house creative team, we create rich media HTML5 banners, banners for tablets and mobile and digital LED billboards.

To discover how we can help you effectively adapt your assets for online and social, call David Howlett on +44 (0) 20 3764 5407 or email him on

Print & Press

Global press production is where ICP started and it’s still at the heart of what we do.