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There are currently 4 generations within the cross hairs of marketers in the business world today; Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennial’s (Generation Y) and Generation Z. With the numerous channels of communication existing nowadays, it can be difficult in finding the appropriate one for each generation.

So where do you begin when needing to narrow down your target audience and how can we ensure what marketing techniques are best?

This 4-part series will dive into each generation, understanding what commonly makes them tick and how to effectively market to them evaluating their lifestyles, habits and needs.


Baby Boomers (1946 – 1964)

Also known as the post WWII generation who seek self-realisation and self-fulfilment.  They are the longest generation going; and therefore, prefer the more traditional media techniques.

Studies show that there are roughly 70 million people in the U.S who fall into this category, representing 28% of the population and making up roughly 40% of today’s market share.


How would we market to Baby Boomers?

  • Be engaging and encouraging: It is important to engage with relevant content which offers information as they are very content heavy. For example, encouraging them to sign up to newsletters.
  • Create more blog posts and videos: The Olapic survey found that this generation are interested in written and video content with 60% of Baby Boomers who read blogs and online articles and roughly 70% of them who watch videos online.  This may be a surprise to some, however, important for marketers to note that even though this generation has a reputation of being traditional, they can also be tech savvy in their own way.
  • Be interactive: Use interactive content such as quizzes and polls as this generation desire interaction and attention.
  • Get personal:  Baby boomers that enter retirement naturally have more time on their hands; meaning they long for personal interaction with companies to form relationships.  This generation is also more vocal and opinionated, so it would make sense to ask them to get involved and to share their views.
  • Take your time: Use much slower and informative video content to increase engagement with consumers.  They do not appreciate a sense of urgency and want time to absorb the value of the product.

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