Generation X – (1965 – 1976)

Generation X are also known as “latch key children” and have the second largest disposable income after Baby Boomers.  They particularly crave a variety of digital content, such as podcasts, and blog posts. Using many different marketing techniques will keep them engaged.

They are avid social media users and are said to spend more time on social media than millennial’s.

Gen Xers are known to be a busy generation, juggling child care, home-ownership, careers and anticipating retirement.


How would we market to Generation X?

  • Email Marketing: Generation X are more likely to be constantly checking emails as most of them are linked with Outlook and can access their emails remotely. Even though email marketing doesn’t seem to be as popular nowadays, it is still a strong way of communication as Generation Xers are constantly signed in to Outlook through their phones, iPads and computers.
  • Avoid polls and quizzes: Unlike Baby Boomers, Gen X do not like to give too much of their time; therefore, prefer quick and easy services.
  • Video Content: Nearly 4 in 5 people in this generation download or watch videos every month; therefore, using more video-based content can go a long way with Generation X.
     It’s important to always remain transparent and authentic and make sure to portray that within your product and services. Reliable services will build reputations and relationships with them a lot easier if businesses remain open and honest with consumers.
  • Saving money: Studies state that 91% of Gen X have used coupons and discount codes in the last year.  Similarly, 85.1% of Gen X say that they appreciate the benefits of using discount codes.  Therefore, including promo codes within product and service sales will definitely increase the likeliness of product purchasing and customer satisfaction.


What generation are you targeting?

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