Generation Z (1996 – 2010)

This is the newest generation of social media users.  They have a short attention span, so prefer to keep things brief and relevant in order to have the biggest impact, yet still remain digitally savvy.  They crave visual content as this will inspire and motivate them.

How would we market to Gen Z?

  • Keep content short, positive and visually pleasing with opportunities to interact.
  • More video-based content: Generation Z is a visual generation due to their short attention span.
  • Be realistic, relatable and reliable: According to statistics, 50% of Gen Z will purchase a product based on reviews. As image manipulation and obvious sales talk can be easily detected and ignored, it is important for them to feel like they can trust the brand from another’s perspective. Similarly, offering visible results to increase their brand loyalty is an important technique in winning over Generation Z.  If they have trust in the brand, they are less likely to stray.
  • Authentic Experiences: Coming up with new, authentic ways to market to this generation.  For example, Generation Z prefer having two-way conversations.  This is so it can allow them to be direct and create a way for them to express and share their thoughts. This generation also crave more personalised interaction.
  • Humanise your brand: A brand strategist Allen Olivio states that, “sustainability is about engagement, acquisition and intention, it’s about sculpting your brand based on human outcomes, because its humans that buy products and decisions.” Therefore, engaging with your consumers can go a long way with this generation. Humour is a great way of connecting.  The younger generation tend to appreciate putting aside formal professionalism for a more human-like experience.
  • Influencer Marketing: This new and unique marketing technique focuses on influential people rather than focusing on the target market as a whole. Focusing on marketing to influences such as YouTube gurus and bloggers, could potentially bring new customers due to their large following; as long as they have a sense of contextual credibility, a wide reach and salesmanship.

Which generation are you targeting?

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