Millennial’s (Gen Y) (1977 – 1995)

The Millennial generation is the largest and currently the most influential on social media.  They are avid smartphone users, engaging with their phones up to 150 times a day on average.

How would we market to Millennial’s?

  • Social Media: Millennial’s are avid users of social media. Therefore, using platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter will be a step in the right direction in reaching out to potential consumers.
  • Be Accessible: Millennial’s expect to receive an immediate response on questions they may ask through social media. If they do not receive an immediate response, they will lose interest, meaning businesses could lose potential consumers.
  • Tap Into Subjects They Care About: They are more vocal about these in comparison to other generations. It will grab their attention and connect them to the brand.
  • Innovative Marketing Strategies: Developing newer marketing strategies can be a real hit with this generation. Innovative and digitally focused techniques to move away from the traditional ways of marketing could really appeal to Millennial’s.
  • Collaboration: According to studies, 42% of Gen Y say they would like to be involved in the process of developing future products and services. Nowadays, Millennial’s want to feel a part of how products get created by feeling as though they can put forward ideas to the products and services.  This, in turn, will allow marketers to build relationships with their consumers and challenging this generations creativity.
  • Ratings and Reviews: They rely on these to make decisions about a company; therefore, the more positive reviews received, the more trust worthy your company will seem.
  • Focus on Word of Mouth: According to research, if Millennial hear a recommendation, they are more likely to buy and try a product than from a printed ad.
  • Be Transparent: In order to attract Millennial, sharing behind the scenes information about what your company is working on will definitely not go unnoticed. In fact, should attract them even more as it builds trust and creates a good relationship between consumer and company as Millennial love transparent organisations.


Which generation are you targeting?

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