ICP is excited to be a part of the Digital Asset Management and Creative Operations conference in San Diego.

Join us at the West Coast’s leading conference dedicated to DAM and Creative Operations, providing a unique environment to exchange knowledge, experiences and build long lasting professional networks.


Panel session: “Eternal DAM Nation: People, Purpose and Alignment for the Long Term” | 6th November 2019 | 2:20pm

This panel will explore the strategy and tactics that can help drive continued and long-term engagement with DAM. There’s often a tremendous amount of effort spent in the launch phase, and this session will look at the equally important and sometimes different challenges associated with nurturing your DAM as a key ‘always-on’ part of the marketing environment.

Moderator: Christopher Grakal, CEO Americas, ICP

Panellists: Matt Gainer, Warner Bros. | Laura Patterson, CVS Health | Curtis Tiefenbrunn, Mars, Inc


To register and reserve your place, click here.


Hope to see you all there!


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