ICP would like to send a huge thank you to Kings College for inviting ICP’s Marketing Technology Consultant Jing Wang to participate in the ‘DAM: opportunities and challenges’ panel session with their MA DAMM students last week; their first career fair of all time, involving 180 of their postgraduate students. 

Jing gave an eye-opening presentation, explaining the DAM system life cycle, AI technology and how to progress up the DAM Career Development Ladder. 

This was then followed by a Q&A session where there were some really compelling questions from a few Kings College students, which was great to hear! 



Jing Wang, has 5-year background in DAM business operations, change management & E2E support design.

 Her current role is project consultant leading business engagement and consulting for DAM integration programmes, Ecommerce product content & digital shelf ecosystem for FMCG & CPG clients.


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