Customers are attracted to brands they trust. Your brand’s reputation is its greatest strength. So it’s vital that you protect and preserve it.

Do your marketing materials comply with legal guidelines? Do you think it’s time for a brand audit? There’s a lot to think about.

Maybe you’ve changed your logo and you want to be sure assets are compliant. Or maybe you need to check your marketing materials against legal standards. Whether you just want reassurance or you’re convinced something’s wrong, we’ll audit your brand to:

  • make sure your assets don’t go against your brand guidelines
  • make sure your assets don’t violate legal or health and safety guidelines
  • provide peace of mind for compliance

Our dedicated brand teams are already experts in rights and legal compliance. Soon they’ll become experts in your brand. They’ll take the time to learn all about you so they can be sure your brand is globally compliant and consistent.

“It’s taken me years to build the knowledge I have of our markets, our brands and the brewing process itself, and I am really impressed at the speed at which the team have picked up the ‘beer lingo’, as well as the brand guidelines. I also appreciate the team’s thoroughness and concern for precision.

It’s great to think that SABMiller has gone from having thousands of assets that weren’t even in one accessible place to having over nine thousand assets that are fully tagged, searchable and compliant and soon to be fully accessible by all employees too.  

Altogether a very successful project which has left me with a DAM that I will be proud to launch to all SABMiller employees in the near future.”


Stephanie Mountfield, Global Communications, AB InBev

To find out more about our brand protection services get in touch or read the full SAB Miller case study here.