Change isn’t easy. People are used to the status quo and find it difficult to adapt to new ways of working. Without the right support for your users, they’ll never accept your project.

We understand people’s concerns. We’re not just consultants. We work in many of the same areas as your users, so we know exactly how to help them transition to new ways of working.

But it’s not just the users that need to adapt. Whether we’re training key users or engaging senior leaders, we encourage everyone to contribute to the transformation of your business.

Your organisation and technologies are always evolving. So our change management roadmap blends seamlessly with our other services. And we can help throughout the whole process, from that critical launch period through to measuring success:

  • Historical asset audit and data mapping
  • Asset and legacy data migration
  • Business process mapping and gap analysis
  • Communication planning
  • On-boarding project management, documentation and user migration
  • System fitness testing (working with technical teams for DAM integration)

“One of the greatest benefits that ICP brings in support of user adoption is continual communication with agencies, brand teams, and key stakeholders.”

“Global companies have unavoidable changes in users, stakeholders and even ways of working, so based on report feedback the team continually needs to re-engage, train and support at both an individual and a group level. Without this dedicated focus user adoption would drop and the ROI of the solution would be affected.”

Victor Lebon, ICP, EMEA & APAC CEO