From Hype to Hope: ChatBots & Virtual Assistants for Improved DAM Engagement

It’s the year of the ChatBot…again and to date, they’ve been key for brand owners to engage with their customer base as an always-on service option. This whitepaper focuses on how in a DAM B2B environment, such automation techniques can elevate your first-line support to develop high levels of engagement.

Download this whitepaper today and find out how ChatBots can play a pivotal role in the DAM enterprise environment. 

Digital Asset Management – Auto-tagging technology: Can machine learning replace humans?

The labour required to maintain high-quality digital asset metadata across all channels and tech solutions — from traditional document management to the more modern digital asset management solutions and marketing technology platforms — can often seem sisyphean: such that it can never be completed.

This whitepaper by Digital Asset Management expert, Theresa Regli, explores the opportunity of machine learning auto-tagging in the context of DAM technology and reports on ICP’s testing of various platform.

Digital Transformation for Marketers: Turning strategy into a “People First” plan

Digital Transformation has the power to transform business success. As a marketer the conversation often pivots to an individual consumer level, how we could realise DT’s full potential and not lag behind competitors.

This whitepaper focuses on a more sustained and people-centric approach, focusing on the role of the marketer and partners.