Spearheaded by the UK government, the GREAT Britain campaign is a major success story helping to promote the UK worldwide, by showcasing the very best of what Britain has to offer in order to encourage the world to visit, study and do business with the UK.

A Digital Asset Management solution from North Plains backed by support services from ICP, helps to ensure that the impressive array of visual assets integral to GREAT are easily accessible in just a few keystrokes, to a wide variety of delivery partners throughout the world.


At the beginning of the project, GREAT implemented an internally developed Digital Asset Management (DAM) system and while this had performed well enough in the early stages, it was clear that the success of GREAT meant that a more scalable and flexible system was needed. Essentially, GREAT needed a DAM that could evolve in line with users’ requirements, while at the same time be simple to use and able to accommodate more assets, the number of which is hard to predict.

GREAT were also aware that, as the project scaled and the number of assets and users grew, the solution needed a first-class management and support structure to ensure its long-term success.


The GREAT campaign put out a tender and selected ‘On Brand’ from North Plains, as it met the requirement for an enterprise class ‘out of the box’ solution that would scale elegantly to meet their needs.

To manage the solution and provide Global Librarian and User Support Services, North Plains recommended ICP. The GREAT team has commended ICP for how the company has taken the time to really understand the campaign and its needs, rather than just providing administrative services.